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Seeing the World By Bicycle: The Story of Peter Yoong

April 19, 2021

Seeing the World By Bicycle: The Story of Peter Yoong 

Until he was unexpectedly called back to Malaysia by an illness in the family, 57-year-old retiree Peter Yoong was on a world tour. 

By bicycle. 


This is his story. 



01:06 - Why On a Bicycle And Not Motorbike (eg BMW GS) or Car (Toyota Hilux)?

01:54 - Why Solo And Not in a Group? 

02:27 - Convincing The Boss (Wife) 

03:19 - Trial Run to Thailand, Malaysia & Singapore 

04:45 - The Four Trip Stages 

05:51 - Mustering Up The Courage 

07:23 - Peter’s Feelings on the Morning He Rode Off 

09:06 - Why Five Long Years to Prep The Trip 

11:12 - Silencing The Doubters and Haters 

12:55 - About Rob Lilwall 

13:47 - How Fellow Riders Inspired Peter 

14:16 - How He Planned The Route 

15:57 - What About Detailed Planning, Accounting For Weather, Terrain, Etc?

18:34 - How Far He Rides Daily 

20:39 - Where Peter  Sleeps When He Stops (And What Time Does He Stop Riding?) 

22:11 - Tips For Rough Camping? 

22:57 - What About DANGER? 

24:29 - The Most Beautiful Countries, The Highlights? 

27:00 - How Difficult Were The Border Crossings? 

29:14 - What He Thinks About When He Rides 

31:01 - What Bike?

31:15 - Riding Gear (Seat, Handlebars, Tent, Clothing, Shoes, Sleeping Bag, Stove, Etc)

35:18 - Tech Gear (Laptop, Software, Cameras) And How He Updates Social Media 

37:05 - More Bike Gear (Tires, Punctures, Etc) 

38:15 - How The Trip Is Documented 

39:30 - How He Carries Currency / Money 

41:08 - How He Manages Security, Keep Gear Safe 

43:31 - How He Takes Photos & Videos 

44:31 - Benefiting From the Global Riding Community, WhatsApp Groups 

47:25 - Advice To People His Age 

50:10 - What Folks Should Know About Their Fellow Human Beings 

51:10 - What People Should Know About Riding A Bicycle Around The World 

52:34 - What People Should Know About Solo Riding  

54:40 - What Peter Would Change For His Next Stage of Riding 

55:54 - What Would He Change About His Gear

57:05 - Peter’s Approach To Money, Savings, Investments And Children 

59:22 - How HePlanned The Funds For This Trip 

1:02:02 - Advice To Young People 


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