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GAO Capital’s Kenneth Yap - Value Investing Is An Evergreen Investing Principle

August 17, 2021

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GAO Capital’s Kenneth Yap - Value Investing Is An Evergreen Investing Principle 

Kenneth Yap, the Head of Equities at Singapore-based GAO Capital, talks about his principles of Value Investing, after having accumulated over two decades’ experience in roles that include being a Fund Manager at KAF Fund Management, Head of Indonesian Equity Sales at Macquarie Group in Jakarta, a Proprietary Equity Trader at CIMB in Kuala Lumpur, Vice President of Semiconductor research at Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein and Chartered Accountant in Deloitte & Touche in London.

Find out how he unearths ten-baggers like Evergreen Marine and Signet Jewelers using data that is available to anyone and everyone. And whether investing in China, Bitcoin and Gold are good ideas! 


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04:27 - Kenneth's Value Investing Philosophy - The Mechanics Behind It 
06:18 - Value Investing Case Study: Signet Jewelers 
08:32 - How Do You Choose Stocks? Does Human Emotion Matter? 
13:51  - Why Analysing Cashflows and Price/Book Ratios Are More Effective 
16:31 - Why Buy Globally (And Not Malaysia) 
20:21 - Value Investing Case Study: Taiwan's Evergreen Marine 
25:07 - Why Are Ten-Baggers So Hard To Come By? 
28:53 - How To Double The Portfolio Every Five Years 
32:37 - Investing Advice For The Novice 
34:02 - Invest in China: Yea Or Nay? 
34:40 - Diversify! 
35:41 - How Do You Choose The Right Fund or Fund Manager? 
36:12 - Don't Keep Cash!! 
37:29 - Is It Dangerous To Invest in China? 
39:33 - Avoiding Value Traps, Pros and Cons of Being KL-Based
41:57 - When Do You Decide To Cut Losses?
44:12 - How to Iron Out Foreign Currency Fluctuations
46:01 - Is The US Dollar Dead? 
47:22 - How Kenneth Invests His Own Money (Hint: It's Not In Property or Gold)
50:37 - What About Bitcoin, Stablecoin, Ethereum?
53:35 - Some Parting Shots .. 


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