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Kelvin Goh - Investing in Global ECommerce

July 14, 2021

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Kelvin Goh - Investing in Global ECommerce 

Kelvin Goh is a former Head of ASEAN Research at CIMB Investment Bank and formerly a director of an investment holding company, GT Capital. He currently manages the Qualis Global Fund at R3 Asset Management. 

01:30  - Why Invest Globally - Kelvin's Investing Principles 
02:30 - Can a Company Be Impervious to Global Shocks? 
04:04 - How Do You Find the Next Amazon and Microsoft? 
05:05 - Plenty of Runway Left in Etsy, MercadoLibre and SEA Ltd 
06:30 - News, Knowledge or Trends? The Stock Selection Process 
07:42 - How Active Should Portfolio Management Be? 
09:36 - What Happens When the Cheap Money Era Ends? 
11:54 - What Happens if You Buy the Wrong Stock? And How Do You Monitor Performance? 
14:36 - Would You Buy Ant Financial? Or Didi Chuxing? And Do You Look at China Stocks Closely? 
15:45 - Is There a Maximum Number of Names You Hold in Your Portfolio? 
17:21 - Can Investing Become A Science? (Since Greed and Fear Rule Market Behaviour)
18:42 - How Do You Gauge Management and Overcome Financial Fraud? 
20:14 - How Do You Overcome Black Swan Events (Like Covid) and Other Volatile Events
22:19 - How Much Cash Do You Hold as Dry Powder? 
23:24 - Would You Touch NFTs, SPACs, Ethereum, Bitcoin?
24:05 - And What About ESG Investing? Social Impact Investing? 
25:15 - Would/Should Investors Look at Investing in China Stocks? 
26:06 - How Do You Invest Your Own Money? 
27:08 - And What About Other Investments Like Real Estate / Property / Bonds / Fixed Income? 
29:06 - How to Iron Out Intermediary Fees Charged by Banks 


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