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Finding Meaning in Business: Sino Hua An’s Datuk Jared Lim

December 15, 2020

Datuk Jared Lim is an intriguing person.

Analyst, Investment Banker and Entrepreneur, yes, but an equally very aware and spiritual person to boot -- twin traits that make him quite unique in the corporate world. 

Perhaps reflecting his personality, his twin businesses in energy (Hua An / Techna-X) and property (Country Heights) pivot on the path to meet the twin challenges of Planet and Profit. 

And also, many thanks to Ploy at Clearwater for the fantastic venue for our shoot! 



01:20 -- How I Began As An Entrepreneur 

04:37 -- Lessons Learnt In Business 

06:06 -- Which Business, If I Was Starting Today, Would I Start? 

11:10 -- Advice To The Aspiring Entrepreneur

16:06 -- The Three Things You Need To Be An Entrepreneur 

18::42 -- What Motivates Me? Money? Or Meaning? 

20:55 -- What Book I’m Reading Right Now

22:48 -- If I Knew Now What I Knew Then, Would Things Be Any Different? 

24:13 -- What is the Definition of Success? 

24:47 -- What I Am Telling My Kids 

29:41 -- If My Son Wants To Become a Poet .. How Do I Respond 

30:16 -- How I Handled Covid-19 

32:11 -- What Meditation Does For Me 

35:34 -- Can I Be Spiritual AND Successful? 

36:50 -- What Is The One Investment To Get Rich in 2021? 

41:08 -- Why The Future Cannot Lie In Fossil Fuels 

45:17 -- Why Passion Is Important To Success 

46:00 -- A Happy Entrepreneur Thinks Like Gandhi 

48:40 -- Life’s Final Third: What’s In Store? 


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